Hi peeps! Welcome to the doodlecrafter, where I’m just sitting and wondering how the heck January went by so fast.

In terms of productivity, January was a bad month for me. I mean, it just went by and I wish I’d done something more useful while it was there. Don’t you all get that feeling sometime?

What I read:

The Tower of Nero

I enjoyed reading this book so much – mostly cos I love the universe and the idea and the characters. Witty, funny and heartwarming.

A brief history of Infinity

Call me a nerd all you want. This book is filled with facts, facts and facts (actually very little of actual mathematics, I realise now). The history stories of Aristotle, Newton and all those people are fun, although I don’t understand most of the maths parts, and I kinda lost interest in the final chapters.

What I watched:

I was a star wars non-fan. In fact, I just didn’t get what was so great about it. Until my sister dragged me into the three original films (Episodes IV – VI). Gosh. I mean, I don’t know. Sometimes it’s awfully cheesy (Han Solo trying to flirt with Leia) or mind-boggling-disgusting (think Jabba the Hutt) but I was left grinning goofily at the end of each film. I never thought I’d say this, but I love the movies. And I finally got to know where this quote came from:


While studying should have taken up most of my time, I also spent quite a lot of it messing around with my blog’s theme and design, because I wasn’t quite satisfied by it, writing (both my stories and my diary) and procrastinating. I also started a bullet journal and I find it quite useful to keep track of the things I do. It’s quite hard to do anything else when you’re stuck inside home.

That’s all for this month. And I really hope February will be better.

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