Okay, we all know mothers in books are rare. Either they’re absent working (and no idea their kids are saving the world) or else they’re downright horrible. Or passive aggressive. So I decided to come up with a list of the best moms in books I’ve come across. Because sweet, supportive moms deserve a chance to stand in the spotlight too, don’t you think?

Mrs Erroll in Little Lord Fauntleroy

I can’t stop listing out why this woman is awesome. She raises up her son to be the sweetest boy ever (unrealistically good, but that’s a story for another day), she stands up for herself in face of the Earl’s sexist and dense attitude, and most importantly, she doesn’t tell Cedric what a pig the Earl is. If she had, then Little Lord Fauntleroy would have a had a much different ending.

Mother in The Railway Children

When Bobby, Peter and Phyllis’s father mysteriously disappears, they and their mother move to the countryside. The story is mostly about the kids, but their mother must have been under immense pressure, especially considering the truth of what happened to the father. She’s the kind of mom who joins in to play silly games with her children, read them the stories she writes and sells to have ‘buns for dinner’ and tries to let her kids not feel poor, even though they are. The only time she doesn’t have a solution for anything is when she is sick – and then she heartily scolds the kids to the mess they get themselves in trying to help her.

Anne and Marilla from the Anne series

Okay, so technically it was Anne who cut down Marilla’s harsh edges and made her into a better parent (I’m sure Davy and Dora had a pretty good time at Green Gables). Anne herself is one of the most understanding mothers I’ve come across, maybe because she actually remembers what it means to be children. And her kids love her to bits!

Mrs Weasley from the Harry Potter series

She manages a family of seven kids and takes Harry and Hermione under her wing. They’re no different to her than her own kids.

Remember when she killed Bellatrix Lestrange? Badass.

Sally Jackson, the Percy Jackson series

I’m pretty sure everyone would have wished Mrs Jackson was our mom at a point. She’s super supportive of Percy and helps him all the time, married a sleazy abusive man to protect her son, survived Hades and went on to provide backup and delicious meals to other demigods as well. Who else has wanted to eat her blue cookies?

I recently hit 50 followers and I just want to thank you guys so much๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’ž and discovering and interacting with you all has been the best thing that happened to me since Coronavirus. Love y’all! Cheers!

Writing this post was much harder than I thought because it is so hard to find *good* parents in books. Do you have any recommendations where parents are front and centre as well? Have you met any other awesome moms while reading? Let me know in the comments!

25 thoughts on “Best book moms

  1. Great post! I love the idea for this post! I agree with all of these!! Especially Mrs. Weasly- everything about what you said was %100 accurate ๐Ÿ™‚ I would add Mama Agba from Children of Blood and Bone because she’s a loving, fierce, and wise woman!

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  2. Ah, I loved this post to pieces! โค I also find it ridiculous how absent parents often are in books, and Marilla, Anne, Mrs. Weasley and Sally Jackson are definitely among my own favorites! Also, have you read the Penderwicks? If not, go do it!! Those books have some of the best family relationships ever ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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  3. I love this idea!! Yes 100% to Mrs. Weasley and Anne and Marilla (you’ve read the whole Anne series? how awesome! most people don’t even know there’s more than one book, but I honestly love book 5 best). Also, though I haven’t read Little Lord Fauntleroy in way too long, I remember liking the mother so maybe I’ll try it again ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Yes, Mrs Weasley and Anne and Marilla are the best. Yeah I have๐Ÿ˜Š and I honestly love all the books, though I have a soft spot for the first one cause I related to it so muchโ˜บ Little Lord Fauntleroy is so sweet! Give it a try!

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