Welcome to The Doodlecrafter, my corner of the internet where I talk about books! (not about doodles, as my blog name suggests. but it’s highly likely you’ll run into a lot of doodles in this site)

about me

I’m Jan (she/her) a nineteen year old reader from Sri Lanka. I read books from almost any genre but I have a special love for YA books. I adore books with diversity, chaotic families and kickass female characters, and I am a firm believer that no one is ever too old to read fantasy. Aside from being a bibliophile I’m also a writer, math student, rookie ornithologist and nature lover. When I’m not reading or in a love-hate relationship with mathematics, you’ll catch me playing with my cats or writing stories, most of which never get past the first chapter.

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about the doodlecrafter

This blog was formed after two years of procrastination and the name ‘doodlecrafter’ rose out of the fact that I have a habit of drifting off and doodling on my schoolbooks. It is a place for me to talk about books – the ones I loved, the ones I didn’t, and every book in between; share my crafts (this happens very rarely, I admit); do fun tags and hang out with fellow book nerds like me! Apologies in advance for my nonexistent sense of humour.

Hope you have a nice day,