Welcome, peeps, to my blog! I’m Jan. (she/her) which stands for JANITHA (or Jani or Jonny, depending on who you ask), an eighteen year old Sri Lankan girl currently studying for the biggest exam of her life, who started this blog for no good reason other than to chill out and do something new. If you don’t find me in a love-hate relationship with mathematics you’ll find me daydreaming, writing stories (most of which never get past the first chapter) or curled up reading.

some random facts about me:

  • I’m a HUGE introvert
  • My favourite colours are sea green and salmon pink
  • I’m a Hufflepuff
  • Plus a big nerd and a fact geek
  • I’m bilingual and English is my second language
  • My friends used to call me [eluwa] Goat (I knooow. Why???) Until I told them that GOAT stands for Greatest Of All Time ;- )
  • My dream is to travel around the world (plus pass my exam but I have no idea what to do after that)
  • I am a nature lover and love photography. If you want to see some of my captures, you can visit my other blog, Jonny’s Bucket List.
image by Pixabay

What’s in a name?

I’m notorious for being untidy when writing on books. Most of the time, when I grow bored, these books become my canvas for doodling. So I bagged this little corner of the internet for myself, to make new friends, to let off stream, to write about crafts, books, movies, life and also to sneak in some of my (less ugly and less confusing) doodles.

Intrigued? Hop over to the blog and read, explore, imagine!